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Fashion Career

Ingjin learned Fashion Design at SLCC Fashion Institute, participated in class projects, group project fashion shows, has made herself a number of outfits, & debuted at:

Massif Fashion Week in 2017

New York Fashion Week in 2018

New York Fashion Week in 2022

The positive responses from the runway shows has been increasingly inspiring & gives Ingjin the drive to keep pushing herself, creating, & showing the world her designs.

This is just the beginning of Ingjin’s career; follow her journey to see what is next & to get a closer look at more of her designs @IngjinSan


Thank you all so much for all your support!

Ingjin San is the newest face in Fashion! Based out of Colorado, Ingjin is a naturalized Burmese-American. She was born & raised in Yangon, Myanmar & moved to The United States of America ten years ago. Leaving behind all of her family & friends to pursue her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. 


As a teenager, Ingjin knew she wanted to create designs. However, not having the opportunity to pursue Fashion in Myanmar, she obtained a two year degree in Machine Tools & Design. Once in America, she immediately obtained an American High School Diploma, & began working & studying Fashion Design in college.


Ingjin aims to create & remix fashion trends in her cutting edge collections.

Ingjin San

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