Early Life

Ingjin’s early life was a myriad of trials; she grew up in a broken, low income, & narrow minded family in a military ruled country; Myanmar. Consequentially she was afforded very little opportunities, but she took full advantage of the ones she was given.


Her parents divorced when Ingjin was five, shortly after her younger brother was born, they have never known their father. She was raised & supported by her Mother in her Grandparents house, with four extended families under one roof.

Ingjin believes she is the reflection of the people that helped her in her life; her teachers, grandparents, step father, mother, & the people who have been very supportive and believing in her. Ingjin’s mother worked tirelessly so that she & her brother could go to school. Ingjin credits her mother’s daily sacrifices for giving her the determination to chase her dreams. She strives everyday to become the educated, independent, & strong woman that her mother wanted to see her become.


Sadly, her mother died from Breast Cancer one week apart from her step fathers death... he died from a second Stroke in the same year. They both passed the year after Ingjin left her home country of Myanmar, she never saw them again.

Ingjin San is the newest face in Fashion! Based out of Colorado, Ingjin is a naturalized Burmese-American. She was born & raised in Yangon, Myanmar & moved to The United States of America ten years ago. Leaving behind all of her family & friends to pursue her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. 


As a teenager, Ingjin knew she wanted to create designs. However, not having the opportunity to pursue Fashion in Myanmar, she obtained a two year degree in Machine Tools & Design. Once in America, she immediately obtained an American High School Diploma, & began working & studying Fashion Design in college.


Ingjin aims to be the “Fashion DJ” creating & remixing fashion trends in her cutting edge collections.

Ingjin San

The Fashion DJ

Fashion Career

Ingjin learned Fashion Design at Salt Lake Community College, participated in class projects, group project fashion shows, has made herself a number of outfits, & debuted at:

Massif Fashion Week in 2017


New York Fashion Week in 2018

The positive responses from the runway shows has been increasingly inspiring & gives Ingjin the drive to keep pushing herself, creating, & showing the world her designs.

This is just the beginning of Ingjin’s career; follow her journey to see what is next & to get a closer look at more of her designs @IngjinSan


Thank you all so much for all your support!