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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

"The Concrete Jungle"

New York Fashion Week

Fashion designer INGJIN SAN is one of the newest faces in fashion, creating and remixing fashion trends in her cutting-edge collections. The INGJIN SAN brand is cultivating a sophisticated luxury line of innovative, one-of-a-kind designs for the influential men & women of today’s art and culture. Currently focusing on ready-to-wear designs for women, INGJIN SAN plans to incorporate all genders and body types, and to expand couture into her line.


INGJIN SAN recently debuted at NYFW Saturday Sept 8th, presenting her Spring/Summer 2019 collection

The Concrete Jungle

with The Society Fashion Week. An elegant and classy, yet modern and sexy, fashion collection, inspired by the illuminated window architecture of New York City … the city that never sleeps … “The Concrete Jungle”.

“You may not hear me speak loudly, but you will hear the ROAR of my designs.”

Ingjin San - FWO.png
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